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Image by danxoneil via Creative Commons.

I’ve already uploaded a post, and yet still haven’t explained the reasoning behind this blog. The title ‘Tom’s Fantasy Football Blog’ is probably self-explanatory, if not it is certainly generic. Yes, it may be plain, but it gets the point across in a less-than-spectacular way.

The real reason I decided to begin this blog is for a University assignment in the Digital Journalism module. I was originally planning to create a blog about being a New York Yankees fan in the UK, but after being discouraged from pursuing that, I thought of creating a blog based on fantasy football – the NFL version, not the Premier League one.

As an avid fantasy football player of the past three years, using ESPN’s platform, I feel that I have enough knowledge about both the game and the sport to provide me with the scope to create a fantasy football blog. Plus I boast a record of making the fantasy playoffs in each of those three seasons – something which I hope to be able to keep up.

Although the initial purpose of the blog is for an assignment, I hope to be able to carry it on into the summer, and into the new NFL season. Alongside projections and draft coverage, with relation to fantasy impact, I hope to be able to partly focus the blog on following my team throughout the fantasy season.

More content should arrive over the coming weeks, including draft reaction and the creation process for my fantasy team.


I’m also on Twitter – @RealTomWoods


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