The transaction counter: Week 14

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My transactions

Wed, Dec 10

Salford Bloggers (SAL) added Jared Cook (TE, STL)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Jonas Gray (RB, NE)

With Jimmy Graham underperforming, I decided to turn to the free agent tight end market for the first time in a while. The most interesting name in that group was Jared Cook, who has shown flashes of being a top tight end at points this season, but much like every other player at his position hasn’t been consistent. Cook will probably sit for a week or two, but should Graham falter in that time, the St Louis Ram will be waiting to replace him.

Jonas Gray, on the other hand, seems to be a one-game wonder, having had no meaningful contribution since his four touchdown performance against the Indianapolis Colts in week 11.



Salford Bloggers (SAL) added Ravens D/ST (D/ST, BAL)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Branden Oliver (RB, SD)

With the Baltimore Ravens facing the worst offense in the league in the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, I thought that I’d cut ties with the faded rookie star Branden Oliver, and replace him with the Ravens D/ST. I intend to start them in week 15, as they shape up to be better plays than the Vikings, who face Detroit at Ford Field, and the Dolphins who are against division rivals New England in Foxborough.



Other transactions

Wed, Dec 10

Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Martavis Bryant (WR, PIT)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped John Brown (WR, ARI)



Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) dropped Roy Helu (RB, WSH)

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) added Adrian Peterson (RB, MIN)



Thur, Dec 11

Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Patriots D/ST (D/ST, NE)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Terrance Williams (WR, DAL)



Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Jordan Cameron (TE, CLE)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Bishop Sankey (RB, TEN)



Fri, Dec 12

Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Vincent Jackson (WR, TB)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Nate Washington (WR, TEN)



Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Jets D/ST (D/ST, NYJ)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Colts D/ST (D/ST, IND)



Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped Cam Newton (QB, CAR)

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Matt Ryan (QB, ATL)


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