The Transaction Counter: Week 9

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My transactions

Wed, Nov 5

Salford Bloggers (SAL) added Bobby Rainey (RB, TB)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Owen Daniels (TE, BAL)


Other transactions

Wed, Nov 5

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Patriots D/ST (D/ST, NE)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Vikings D/ST (D/ST, MIN)


Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) dropped Rueben Randle (WR, NYG)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) added Mike Evans (WR, TB)


Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped Nick Novak (K, SD)

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Billy Cundiff (K, CLE)


Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Matt Ryan (QB, ATL)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Andre Holmes (WR, OAK)


Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) dropped Nick Foles (QB, PHI)

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) added Adrian Peterson (RB, MIN)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Cowboys D/ST (D/ST, DAL)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Reggie Wayne (WR, IND)


Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Vikings D/ST (D/ST, MIN)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Heath Miller (TE, PIT)


Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Pierre Garcon (WR, WSH)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Martavis Bryant (WR, PIT)


Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Steelers D/ST (D/ST, PIT)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Texans D/ST (D/ST, HOU)


Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) dropped Pierre Thomas (RB, NO)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) added Packers D/ST (D/ST, GB)


Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) dropped Marques Colston (WR, NO)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) added Jordan Matthews (WR, PHI)


Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) dropped Zac Stacy (RB, STL)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) added DeAngelo Williams (RB, CAR)


Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Robert Grifffin III (QB, WSH)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Mark Sanchez (QB, PHI)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Scott Chandler (TE, BUF)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Vernon Davis (TE, SF)


La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Eli Manning (QB, NYG)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Ryan Tannehill (QB, MIA)


La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Browns D/ST (D/ST, CLE)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Ravens D/ST (D/ST, BAL)


La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Jonas Gray (RB, NE)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Anthony Dixon (RB, BUF)


Thu, Nov 6

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) dropped Brandon LaFell (WR, NE)

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) added Chris Polk (RB, PHI)


Kardac Kids srm (SRM) dropped Adam Vinatieri (K, IND)

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) added Shaun Suisham (K, PIT)


Kardac Kids srm (SRM) added Mychal Rivera (TE, OAK)

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) dropped Chris Polk (RB, PHI)


Kardac Kids srm (SRM) added Saints D/ST (D/ST, NO)

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) dropped Chargers D/ST (D/ST, SD)


Fri, Nov 7

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Jordan Reed (TE, WSH)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Texans D/ST (D/ST, HOU)


Sat, Nov 8

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Joique Bell (RB, DET)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Adam Vinatieri (K, IND)


Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Brandin Cooks (WR, NO)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Brandon LaFell (WR, NE)


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