The transaction counter: Week 12

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My transactions

I decided not to make any roster cuts or additions this week because I didn’t feel that there was anyone who would come in and improve my team for the week 13 matchup against the Wigan Warriors.


Other transactions

Sun, Nov 23

Team Zachrich (zac) dropped Devin Hester (WR, ATL)

Team Zachrich (zac) added Malcolm Floyd (WR, SD)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Vincent Jackson (WR, TB)


Wed, Nov 26

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Robert Griffin III (QB, WSH)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added LeGarrette Blount (RB, NE)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Giants D/ST (D/ST, NYG)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) added John Brown (WR, ARI)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Reggie Wayne (WR, IND)


Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Matt Prater (K, DET)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Cairo Santos (K, KC)


La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Patriots D/ST (D/ST, NE)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Rams D/ST (D/ST, STL)


Fri, Nov 28

Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Ray Rice (RB, FA)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Scott Chandler (TE, BUF)


Salford Blogger start or sit?: Week 13

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Week 13 matchup

Salford Bloggers (5-7) @ Wigan Warriors (9-3)


Projected lineup for Wigan Warriors

QB: Drew Brees (NO, @ PIT)

RB: Marshawn Lynch (SEA, @ SF)

RB: Lamar Miller (MIA, @ NYJ)

WR: Steve Smith (BAL, vs. SD)

WR: Kelvin Benjamin (CAR, @ MIN)

TE: Rob Gronkowski (NE, @ GB)

FLEX: Jarvis Landry (MIA, @ NYJ)

D/ST: Giants D/ST (NYJ, @ JAC)

K: Caleb Sturgis (NYJ, @ MIA)


Starting lineup for the Salford Bloggers

Quarterback (QB): Tony Romo (DAL, vs. PHI), Philip Rivers (SD, @ BAL)

Running Back (RB1, RB2): Chris Johnson (NYJ, vs. MIA), Mark Ingram (NO, @ PIT), Branden Oliver (SD, @ BAL), C.J. Anderson (DEN, @ KC), Jonas Gray (NE, @ GB)

Wide Receiver (WR1, WR2): Demaryius Thomas (DEN, @ KC), Randall Cobb (GB, vs. NE), Percy Harvin (NYJ, vs. MIA), DeAndre Hopkins (HOU, vs. TEN)

Tight End (TE): Jimmy Graham (NO, @ PIT)

FLEX: Chris Johnson (NYJ, vs. MIA), Branden Oliver (SD, @ BAL), Jonas Gray (NE, @ GB), Percy Harvin (NYJ, vs. MIA), DeAndre Hopkins (HOU, vs. TEN)

Defense/Special Teams (D/ST): Dolphins D/ST (MIA, vs. NYJ), Cowboys D/ST (DAL, vs. PHI)

Kicker (K): Stephen Gostkowski (NE, @ GB), Cody Parkey (PHI, @ DAL)


*Italics denote starters.


Other week 13 matchups

La Linea Lineman (5-7) @ Kardac Kids srm (7-5)

Team AZ Fixitmen (8-4) @ Team apachefootball (6-6)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (3-9) @ Abergele JETS (7-5)

Barnyard Gems (6-6) @ Team Zachrich (4-8)

Week 12 recap: Game over

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Odell Beckham Jr made one of the most outstanding catches of all-time on Sunday night. And as good as it was, I couldn’t enjoy it in the slightest. That’s not because I’m a Jets fan and dislike the Giants so much that I couldn’t appreciate good play from one of their players, but his catch helped condemn the Salford Bloggers to an astonishing seventh loss of the season. It was devastating.

Going into the game, the Bloggers’ opponent La Linea Lineman had not had a triple-digit performance all season. That’s 11 games without scoring 100 or more points even once.

But if you’ve been following The League, or maybe this blog, then you’ll already know that players have had a knack of scoring big against me which prior performances would have suggested they aren’t capable of doing.

Had I played La Linea Lineman any other week, the 113 points I accumulated in week 12 would have been enough to comfortably overcome the opposition. But this time that wasn’t the case, as the team exploded for 132 points.

Not only did the loss mean that the Bloggers would miss out on the playoffs, it also continued the theme of horrendous luck for my team throughout the season.

To make matters even worse, two of the three best performers for Lineman were Eddie Lacy and Odell Beckham Jr. Lacy, who I was hoping would fall to me in the first round of the fantasy draft back in August, was taken by Lineman’s owner with the pick before mine, and then Beckham replaced my fourth-round pick Victor Cruz after the latter suffered a season ending knee injury.

Once he went down, the rookie became a hot waiver wire commodity, and I was beaten to the punch despite the Bloggers having the same record as Lineman who had also been first in waiver order for the past several weeks.

There is still hope that I can win the consolation ladder, but it is just that – a consolation. The playoffs were unlikely, but loss number seven meant that this year the playoffs are a bridge too far.

On to the next game.


La Linea Lineman

QB: Ryan Tannehill (228 passing yards, 15 rushing yards, 4 TD, 1 INT) – 26 points

RB: Eddie Lacy (125 rushing yards, 13 receiving yards, 2 TD) – 25 points

RB: Joique Bell (48 rushing yards, -2 receiving yards) – 4

WR: Alshon Jeffery (22 receiving yards, 1 TD – 8 points

WR: Odell Beckham Jr. (146 receiving yards, -2 rushing yards, 2 TD) – 26 points

TE: Coby Fleener (28 receiving yards) – 2 points

FLEX: T.Y. Hilton (122 receiving yards, 1 TD) – 19 points

D/ST: Patriots D/ST (9 points against, 1 INT, 2 sacks) – 7 points

K: Steven Hauschka (4 field goals made, 1 extra point) – 14 points


QB: Robert Griffin III (106 passing yards, 11 rushing yards, 1 INT) – 3 points

RB: Andre Williams (35 rushing yards, 12 receiving yards, 1 TD) – 10 points

RB: James Starks (-4 rushing yards) – 0 points

WR: Andre Johnson (36 receiving yards) – 3 points

WR: Michael Crabtree (10 receiving yards) – 1 point

WR: Michael Floyd – 0 points

TE: Dwayne Allen – 0 points


Salford Bloggers

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QB: Tony Romo (275 passing yards, 4 TD, 1 fumble, -1 rushing yard) – 25 points

What a performance by Tony Romo. My fears about the declining Philip Rivers earlier in the week led me to keep Romo in there. It paid off, and Romo played fantastically to take his team to victory over the rival Giants and confirm that starting him over Rivers was the right call to make.

RB: Mark Ingram (27 rushing yards, 15 receiving yards) – 3 points

Oh dear. Ingram had a nightmare against the league’s stingiest run defense, and the 20-plus points I was hoping from him turned out to only be three. Not good enough, and one of the reasons I didn’t win this week.

RB: C.J. Anderson (167 rushing yards, 28 receiving yards, 1 TD) – 24 points

Fortunately, I had another running back to pick up the pieces. With Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball out, Anderson took the most of his chance and churned out his second 20-plus point fantasy outing in three weeks.

WR: Demaryius Thomas (87 receiving yards, 3 TD) – 26 points

The Broncos players dragged the Salford Bloggers away from the poor start to the week and took the team within winning proximity. Unfortunately it was not meant to be, but Demaryius Thomas’ performance was faultless as he was found in the end zone three times by Peyton Manning. The Bloggers’ performer of the week.

WR: Randall Cobb (58 receiving yards) – 5 points

Randall Cobb’s second-worst game of the season came at the wrong time. Even last week where he didn’t find the end zone since week three against Detroit, he went for over 100 yards. He achieved neither feat on Sunday and helped damage the Bloggers’ chances of winning.

TE: Jimmy Graham (47 receiving yards, 2 TD) – 16 points

This is what Jimmy Graham had been drafted to do – but on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, his production has varied from week to week. This just happened to be one of his better ones.

FLEX: DeAndre Hopkins (39 receiving yards) – 3 points

Hopkins hasn’t found the end zone enough to be a regular fantasy started this year, but he also failed in the yardage department on Sunday afternoon. Ingram, Cobb and Hopkins all let me down massively. Very disappointing.

D/ST: Cowboys D/ST (28 points against, 1 INT, 2 sacks) – 0 points

The biggest mistake I made this week was bringing in Jonas Gray over the Colts D/ST. The Colts picked up 15 points against the Jaguars, whereas the Cowboys didn’t score a single point. At least I didn’t start Miami, who recorded minus-five points against the Broncos in Denver.

K: Stephen Gostkowski (2 field goals made, 4 extra points) – 11 points

Gostkowski may be the highest scoring fantasy football kicker this year, but his week 12 performance wasn’t good enough to match or better Cody Parkey’s 20 points, who I left on the bench.


QB: Philip Rivers (291 passing yards, -1 rushing yard, 1 TD, 1 INT) – 13 points

RB: Chris Johnson (40 rushing yards, 22 receiving yards) – 6 points

RB: Branden Oliver (17 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards) – 3 points

RB: Jonas Gray – 0 points

WR: Percy Harvin (2 receiving yards) – 0 points

D/ST: Dolphins D/ST (39 points against, 1 fumble recovery, 1 sack) – -5 points

K: Cody Parkey (5 field goals made, 1 field goal missed, 4 extra points) – 20 points

Week 12: results and standings

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Week 12 results

Salford Bloggers 113-132 La Linea Lineman

Wigan Warriors 81-93 Abergele JETS

Team Zachrich 94-68 Team apachefootball

Barnyard Gema 128-40 Kardac Kids srm

Dallas Cowboyz2014 46-102 Team AZ Fixitmen


Current standings

East Division

Wigan Warriors – 9-3, 1071 PF, 1035 PA

Abergele JETS – 7-5, 1130 PF, 1002 PA

Kardac Kids srm – 7-5, 1040 PF, 955 PA

Salford Bloggers – 5-7, 1120 PF, 1184 PA

La Linea Lineman – 5-7, 1005 PF, 1062 PA


West Division

Team AZ Fixitmen – 8-4, 1111 PF, 1012 PA

Barnyard Gems – 6-6, 1144 PF, 1058 PA

Team apachefootball – 6-6, 1004 PF, 1013 PA

Team Zachrich – 4-8, 1047 PF, 1163 PA

Dallas Cowboyz2014 – 3-9, 948 PF, 1144 PA

The transaction counter: Week 11

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> The transaction counter: Week 10

> The transaction counter: Week 9

> The transaction counter: Week 8

> The transaction counter: Week 7

> The transaction counter: Week 6

> The transaction counter: Week 5

> The transaction counter: Week 4

> The transaction counter: Week 3

> The transaction counter: Week 2

> The transaction counter: Week 1

> The transaction counter: Preseason


My transactions

Wed, Nov 19

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Bobby Rainey (RB, TB)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) added Jonas Gray (RB, NE)


Salford Bloggers (SAL) added Cowboys D/ST (D/ST, DAL)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Doug Baldwin (WR, SEA)


Other transactions

Tue, Nov 18

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Allen Robinson (WR, JAC)


Wed, Nov 19

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Josh Gordon (WR, CLE)

Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped Cordarrelle Patterson (WR, MIN)


La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Coby Fleener (TE, IND)


Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Colts D/ST (D/ST, IND)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Jared Cook (TE, STL)


Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Jordan Reed (TE, WSH)

Barnyards Gems (HD) added Marcedes Lewis (TE, JAC)


Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Ahmad Bradshaw (RB, IND)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Cecil Shorts III (WR, JAC)


Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Marques Colston (WR, NO)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped James Jones (WR, OAK)


Abergele JETS added Alfred Blue (RB, HOU)

Abergele JETS dropped Matt Ryan (QB, ATL)


La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Chargers D/ST (D/ST, SD)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Patriots D/ST (D/ST, NE)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Jarvis Landry (WR, MIA)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Brandin Cooks (WR, NO)


Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Daniel Herron (RB, IND)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Montee Ball (RB, DEN)


Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped Ronnie Hillman (RB, DEN)

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Brian Hoyer (QB, CLE)


Thur, Nov 20

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) dropped Graham Gano (K, CAR)

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) added Justin Tucker (K, BAL)


Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) dropped Adrian Peterson (RB, MIN)

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) added Roy Helu (RB, WSH)

Week 11 recap: Still in the hunt

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There’s an old cliché in football, or soccer if that’s your name of choice, which says ‘things tend to even themselves out over a season.’ That’s exactly how it’s panning out for the Salford Bloggers in The League.

As of Monday night, a team who finished week six with a 1-5 record now has four wins out of the last five, and could possibly do the improbable by making the postseason if results go their way.

Even more surprising was the manner in which the team secured victory. Only one touchdown was managed by the entire starting lineup, and it was thrown by Philip Rivers. But yet the Bloggers still marched towards victory number five.

But it was helped out greatly by a Kardac Kids srm horror show, in which the team failed to even reach 50 points. No-one was out with injury, and the team had been managed throughout the week, but that couldn’t prevent a collapse of the highest proportion.

But it echoes the sentiment from the first paragraph.

Entering week 11 of the fantasy football season, the Bloggers’ opponents had been averaging a decimal short of 102 points against the team, so to then go up against the lowest game score so far this season saw them end up in uncharted territory.

To add to that, each of their playoff rivals – Team AZ Fixitmen, Team apachefootball, Abergele JETS and the Kardac Kids srm themselves – lost their week 11 games, opening the door to the playoffs that bit more.

It may be a long shot, but the Salford Bloggers can still make it. All they have to do is remain in the hunt.


Kardac Kids srm

QB: Tom Brady (257 passing yards, -2 rushing yards, 2 TD, 2 INT) – 14 points

RB: Ben Tate (-9 rushing yards) – 0 points

RB: Trent Richardson (21 receiving yards) – 2 points

WR: Calvin Johnson (59 receiving yards) – 5 points

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (33 receiving yards) – 3 points

TE: Antonio Gates (32 receiving yards) – 3 points

FLEX: Terrance West (12 rushing yards) – 1 point

D/ST: Saints D/ST (27 points allowed, 1 sack) – -2 points

K: Shaun Suisham (2 field goals made, 3 extra points – 10 points


QB: Aaron Rodgers (341 passing yards, 32 rushing yards, 3 TD) – 28 points

RB: Antone Smith (3 receiving yards) – 0 points

RB: Giovani Bernard – 0 points

RB: Shane Vereen (18 rushing yards, 59 receiving yards) – 6 points

WR: Eric Decker (BYE) – N/A

WR: Sammy Watkins (32 receiving yards, 3 rushing yards) – 3 points

TE: Mychal Rivera (40 receiving yards) – 4 points


Salford Bloggers

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QB: Philip Rivers (193 passing yards, -1 rushing yard, 1 TD) – 11 points

What on Earth has happened to Philip Rivers and the Chargers? At one point this season they looked like Playoff bankers, but after a string of losses including a humiliating 38-0 defeat in Miami a couple of weeks ago, they’ve fallen off the wagon. A narrow win against the winless Oakland Raiders didn’t come easily, and Rivers looked poor for the second straight game. It will be a relief when Tony Romo is available to play next week when the Dallas Cowboys return to action.

RB: Mark Ingram (67 rushing yards, 30 receiving yards) – 9 points

It was a middle of the road day for Mark Ingram. Nine points is okay, but it was only the second single-digit score he’s produced in games this season. Hopefully he’ll return to gaining over 100 yards and scoring touchdowns next week.

RB: C.J. Anderson (29 rushing yards, 86 receiving yards) – 10 points

Anderson was a decent pickup for me, and an improvement on Bobby Rainey from the week previous. Whilst he didn’t find the end zone, ten points from a band-aid player is a nice return.

WR: Demaryius Thomas (103 receiving yards) – 10 points

After a slow start to the season, Demaryius Thomas now has seven straight weeks with over 100 yards receiving. But what is slightly worrying is that he hasn’t caught a touchdown since week seven against San Francisco, as Emmanuel Sanders is looking more and more like the main end zone wide receiver in Denver. Hopefully it will all come together in the next couple of weeks, but that remains to be seen.

WR: Randall Cobb (129 receiving yards) – 12 points

Randall Cobb’s impressive touchdown streak came to an end on Sunday evening, but he made amends for it by nabbing 129 yards. It was a surprise to see that he wasn’t amongst the 53 points the Packers scored though, but it is nice to know that Cobb is part of a high-scoring offense and should get plenty of scoring opportunities throughout the rest of the season.

TE: Jimmy Graham (29 receiving yards) – 2 points

Ah, the inconsistent Jimmy Graham. He may be one of the top tight ends, but it’s been a very shallow class this season, and his two-point performance against Cincinnati at the weekend was a testament to that. Graham wasn’t the best way to go in the first round – but when compared to Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Calvin Johnson, he doesn’t look quite so bad.

FLEX: DeAndre Hopkins (80 receiving yards) – 8 points

Hopkins has been a nice play at the flex position, and he continued that this week with a solid 80 receiving yards. Arian Foster being out also helps Hopkins’ cause, as the Texans should shape up to throw the ball more than they have been doing.

D/ST: Dolphins D/ST (9 points allowed, 2 sacks) – 9 points

Whilst the Dolphins weren’t generating turnovers as much as they have been doing, their defense was stout against the Bills, and they allowed just nine points. It’s nice to have the confidence that your D/ST won’t go into minus points and should serve you well each week.

K: Stephen Gostkowski (6 extra points) – 6 points

Fortunately, I didn’t need Gostkowski to have a big night on Sunday, because the result was all but sealed. The Bloggers led the Kardac Kids by over 60 points, with only Gostkowski, Tom Brady, Trent Richardson and Shaun Suisham left to play, and following New England’s rout of Indianapolis the deficit was reduced to just 51 points with only Suisham’s game to come. Whilst he wasn’t great, Gostkowski did more than enough.


QB: Tony Romo (BYE) – N/A

RB: Bobby Rainey (4 rushing yards) – 0 points

RB: Branden Oliver (36 rushing yards, 3 receiving yards) – 3 points

RB: Chris Johnson (BYE) – N/A

WR: Doug Baldwin (45 receiving yards, 1 TD) – 10 points

WR: Percy Harvin (BYE) – N/A

K: Cody Parkey (2 field goals made, 2 extra points) – 8 points

The League: Week 11 results and standings

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Week 11 results

Kardac Kids srm 36-77 Salford Bloggers

Team apachefootball 68-95 Barnyard Gems

Team Zachrich 62-107 Dallas Cowboyz2014

Team AZ Fixitmen 77-82 Wigan Warriors

Abergele JETS 81-93 La Linea Lineman


Current standings

East Division

Wigan Warriors – 9-2, 990 PF, 942 PA

Kardac Kids srm – 7-4, 1000 PF, 827 PA

Abergele JETS – 6-5, 1045 PF, 921 PA

Salford Bloggers – 5-6, 1007 PF, 1052 PA

La Linea Lineman – 4-7, 873 PF, 949 PA


West Division

Team AZ Fixitmen – 7-4, 1009 PF, 966 PA

Team apachefootball – 6-5, 936 PF, 919 PA

Barnyard Gems – 5-6, 1016 PF, 1018 PA

Team Zachrich – 3-8, 953 PF, 1095 PA

Dallas Cowboyz2014 – 3-8, 902 PF, 1042 PA