The transaction counter: Week 7

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Here is a roundup of all the roster moves ahead of the NFL and fantasy football’s Week 8 games.


My transactions

Wed, Oct 22

Salford Bloggers (SAL) added Doug Baldwin (WR, SEA)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Chargers D/ST (D/ST, SD)

The Chargers D/ST have been awful for me the past couple of weeks, and I couldn’t wait to get them off my roster – especially as Doug Baldwin was a free agent in our league. With Percy Harvin’s uncertain role in the Jets’ offense at this point along with DeAndre Hopkins’ mediocre play, Baldwin heads straight into the Salford Bloggers’ starting lineup at the flex position.


Other transactions

Tue, Oct 21

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Matt Ryan (QB, ATL)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Montee Ball (RB, DEN)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Andre Williams (RB, NYG)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Josh Gordon (WR, CLE)

Talk about cleaning house. At 1-6, the La Linea Lineman decided to have a fire sale, letting go of Matt Ryan, Montee Ball, Andre Williams and Josh Gordon. The latter three all made perfect sense. Montee Ball is injured at the moment and has been for a couple of weeks now, but he is unlikely to win back his starting role from Ronnie Hillman when he returns. Hillman has established a role as an every-down back in Denver, and has three straight weeks of double-digit fantasy points, with over 100 yards in each of those outings has clouded Ball’s future.

Andre Williams, on the other hand, has stepped up into a starting role with the Giants in the absence of Rashad Jennings, but hasn’t gained over 60 yards on the ground or found the end zone as a starter.

Josh Gordon is another player who can’t play, but that’s down to suspension as opposed to injury. But it appears that La Linea Lineman, with six losses so far this season, are in win-now mode and can’t afford to take up a roster spot with someone who will only come into play as the season draws to a close.

Those three, I understood, but it was a shock to see Matt Ryan also hit waivers. Even though he hasn’t been playing as well the last three weeks as his owners would’ve hoped, Ryan still has the eighth most fantasy points amongst quarterbacks, and still heads an offense that has plenty of weapons. It underlines just how far he has fallen in fantasy estimation after leading the league in fantasy points scored in Week 1.

Wed, Oct 22

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Doug Martin (RB, TB)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Tre Mason (RB, STL)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Ryan Tannehill (QB, MIA)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Allen Robinson (WR, JAC)

After the mass exodus of players from La Linea Lineman on the Tuesday, it wasn’t in the least bit surprising to see that the team had been the busiest waiver-claiming team this week. The addition of Doug Martin to replace Montee Ball makes sense, as Martin will still have plenty of opportunity to run the ball in Tampa Bay’s offense – even if he hasn’t done that well in other games so far this season.

Whilst I wasn’t sure about the Matt Ryan move, seeing his replacement does make it more understandable. Ryan Tannehill has finally found some rhythm in the Miami offense, and his recent performances make for some healthy reading. If Ryan is on his way down, Tannehill is most certainly on his way up.

Then you have Tre Mason and Allen Robinson who both had been Week 7 performances coming off quiet starts to the season. But they are replacing players who currently offer very little and nothing at all, so it doesn’t amount to that much of a gamble.

Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped Storm Johnson (RB, JAC)

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Denard Robinson (RB, JAC)

Storm Johnson was touted as a top pick up after Toby Gerhart went down with an injury, but it was actually Denard Robinson who broke out as the starter in Week 7 against the Browns, totalling 127 yards and a touchdown. The only reason Storm Johnson was fantasy-relevant in Jacksonville’s win is because he scored a garbage time touchdown in the fourth quarter to ice the game. Robinson is obviously the better of the two backs going forward in fantasy.

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Kirk Cousins (QB, WSH)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Robert Griffin III (QB, WSH)

Kirk Cousins was so uninspiring against the Titans in Week 7, he was benched for Colt McCoy at halftime. The performance was likely the main catalyst for a big decrease in Kirk Cousins ownership, in addition to the possible return of Robert Griffin III in the next two weeks. If Cousins is getting benched for a failed Browns first round pick, you know it’s time to part ways with him in fantasy; especially when the guy ahead of him in the depth chart is close to return.

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) dropped Donald Brown (RB, SD)

Kardac Kids srm (SRM) added Brandon LaFell (WR, NE)

Donald Brown has been out with an injury for the past three weeks now, and didn’t return in San Diego’s loss to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night. Even when Brown eventually does return, he’ll probably be behind Branden Oliver even if Ryan Matthews remains out, as the rookie has been largely successful coming out of the backfield.

The story has been a little different for Brandon LaFell, however, who has scores of 21 and 17 coming in the last four weeks, and is the big-play option for Tom Brady. He has far more upside than Brown, so it isn’t difficult to see why this move was made.

Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Vikings D/ST (D/ST, MIN)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Bears D/ST (D/ST, CHI)

This was a like-for-like switch. The Vikings D/ST has avoided minus points so far this season, but aside from two double digit weeks in Week 1 and Week 7 have been fairly low scoring. However, they have been more consistent than the Bears, even though the Bears have amassed more points so far this season. The Vikings also have a more favourable matchup this week on the road to Tampa Bay, than the Bears do away to New England.

Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Dan Carpenter (K, BUF)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Phil Dawson (K, SF)

Wigan Warriors’ second like-for-like switch came because Phil Dawson, the San Francisco 49ers’ kicker, is on a bye week with his team, so Dan Carpenter will step in to fill the void.

Fri, Oct 24

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Cecil Shorts III (WR, JAC)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Dwayne Bowe (WR, KC)

Much was expected of Cecil Shorts when he returned from injury in Week 7 against Tennessee, but he did little to excite fantasy owners, scoring just nine points in the two weeks since. Meanwhile Dwayne Bowe, who has coasted through this season and could perhaps be classed as a WR4 in most leagues is expected to do well in Week 8 against a generous Rams defense which is currently allowing the third-most fantasy points per game to wide receivers.

Team apachefootball (zac) dropped Knowshon Moreno (RB, MIA)

Team apachefootball (zac) added Eagles D/ST (D/ST, PHI)

Knowshon Moreno is done for the season after tearing his ACL and landing on injured reserve. Replacing him with the number-one D/ST through seven weeks isn’t the worst consolation in the world – especially when you own a Bengals D/ST who have the twenty-ninth fewest points up to this point.

Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped Mohamed Sanu (WR, CIN)

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Chiefs D/ST (D/ST, KC)

Mohamed Sanu’s brief time as a solid fantasy starter in 2014 may be  all but over. The wideout grabbed only three receptions for 54 yards against the Colts in the Bengals’ loss to Indianapolis last weekend, and an A.J. Green return could see his targets diminish.

But someone had to make way for the Chiefs D/ST who potentially have a good matchup against the Rams in Week 8, because Team Zachrich’s starting defense – the San Francisco 49ers – are on a bye week.

Sun, Oct 26

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Brandin Cooks (WR, NO)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Mohamed Sanu (WR, CIN)

Brandin Cooks was another player who got off to a fast start – literally – and had 14 points in his debut. But with Drew Brees’ struggles this season coupled with other reasons, Brandin Cooks has found himself being dumped in many fantasy leagues. Mohamed Sanu may have another week or so before the return of A.J. Green, so it’s probably one of the last chances fantasy players will have to milk his value. A smart switch to make ahead of Week 8’s Sunday games.


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