The Transaction Counter: Week 6

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Here is a roundup of all the roster moves ahead of the NFL and fantasy football’s Week 7 games.


My transactions

Fri, Oct 17

Salford Bloggers (SAL) added DeAndre Hopkins (WR, HOU)

Salford Bloggers (SAL) dropped Victor Cruz (WR, NYG)

With Victor Cruz now out for the season after tearing his patellar tendon, I needed to draft in another player to replace him. After DeAndre Hopkins, Darren Sproles and Bishop Sankey were dropped earlier in the week, I decided to bring one of them in to replace Cruz. The order of preference was Sproles, then Sankey, then Hopkins. But despite my selections, I ended up with Hopkins, whilst two other league managers who were actually behind me in the waiver order got Sproles and Sankey. Maybe it was a glitch in the system, maybe it was my bad luck continuing – but I’ve not got the player that I should’ve, and that is very disappointing. Not the greatest way to kick off Week 7.


Other transactions

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Wed, Oct 15

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Bishop Sankey (RB, TEN)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Odell Beckham Jr. (WR, NYG)

When Victor Cruz went down with a season-ending injury against the Philadelphia Eagles, it was obvious that rookie wideout Odell Beckham was going to be one of the most highly-sought free agents in fantasy football the following Tuesday. The feeling in ‘The League’ was no different, and he was taken by La Linea Lineman who headed the waiver wire queue this week. This was a frustrating move for me in particular because, as a Victor Cruz owner, I was hoping to take Beckham myself. But for some reason the Salford Bloggers were behind La Linea Lineman once more, despite players combining for more points against my team than anyone else’s. I understand that La Linea Lineman have less points scored and that’s what waiver order is brokered on when records are the same – but it hardly seems fair that after more than a couple of weeks at the top of the order and the fourth fewest points allowed, that the Lineman should be ahead of the Bloggers in the order yet again.

Team Zachrich (TZ) dropped DeAndre Hopkins (WR, HOU)

Team Zachrich (TZ) added Malcolm Floyd (WR, SD)

DeAndre Hopkins has obvious talent – and that was evident as he averaged 11.25 points through the first four weeks of the season. But after back-to-back weeks of six and one points respectively, it appears that patience has been lost – but perhaps a little too hastily. After all, Hopkins has the ability to turn it around and find double digits as he has done half of his 2014 games so far. However, replacement Malcolm Floyd has been doing quietly well this season, and even though he is averaging just under a point less than Hopkins, Floyd appears to be on the upswing after a 100-yard, one touchdown outing in Oakland . This move seemed to be a case of riding the hot hand.

Barnyard Gems (HD) dropped Kendall Wright (WR, TEN)

Barnyard Gems (HD) added Cecil Shorts III (WR, JAC)

After a two-touchdown performance in Week 5 against Celveland, Kendall Wright appeared to have some serious value as a WR3 in most leagues. But then he followed up that 20 point performance with just one catch for six yards against a Jacksonville defence who have been extremely generous against the pass this season. Having games like that isn’t likely to give fantasy owners faith. In the same game, Cecil Shorts returned to the Jaguars and had over 100-yards receiving. As a result, Wright hit the scrapheap and Shorts has been recruited in his place. Probably a wise move.

Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Andre Holmes (WR, OAK)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Danny Amendola (WR, NE)

Andre Holmes represents a whole lot of potential, and had a monster 24-point outing last weekend against the Chargers. Having said that, he’s still considered to be behind James Jones in the pecking order and isn’t yet an every-week starter. He is currently a better option than Danny Amerndola who has missed plenty of time this season –recording only his fourth reception of the year against the Jets on Thursday night. Even then he only got seven points, which can’t be considered as anything more than mediocre.

Wigan Warriors (Wig) added Joe Flacco (QB, BAL)

Wigan Warriors (Wig) dropped Eli Manning (QB, BAL)

Last week, the Warriors let Joe Flacco go and replaced him with Eli Manning in an attempt to plug the gap at quarterback with Drew Brees on a bye week. What seemed like a good move at the time miserably failed. Eli Manning was under center as Philadelphia shut him and the Giants offense out; whereas Joe Flacco threw five first-half touchdowns to make him one of the performers of the week. In reaction to Week 6, the Warriors have brought Joe Flacco back and let the inconsistent Eli Manning go – a good call after New York lost their top receiver, Victor Cruz, to a season-ending knee injury.

La Linea Lineman (LLL) dropped Eagles D/ST (D/ST, PHI)

La Linea Lineman (LLL) added Browns D/ST (D/ST, CLE)

Through six weeks, the Eagles have more points than any other D/ST. But with Philadelphia on a Week 7 bye and the owner of La Linea Lineman opting to only allocate a single roster spot to a D/ST, the Browns – taking on a subpar Jacksonville offense – will start for the team.

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) dropped Darren Sproles (RB, PHI)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) added Isaiah Crowell (RB, CLE)

In the most questionable move of the week, Darren Sproles was dropped by the Dallas Cowboyz2014. Although Sproles has had four straight weeks of single digit scores, the lack of quality depth at the running back position this year sees Sproles reach Philadelphia’s bye week with the ninth most points amongst RBs. He did have a partial MCL tear which could keep him out for a couple of weeks, but dropping the former Saint is a risky move. But to be fair to Isaiah Crowell, he is playing well this season, with four double-digit fantasy outings prior to Week 7 and has the chance to be an adequate replacement for Sproles.

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) dropped C.J. Spiller (RB, BUF)

Dallas Cowboyz2014 (BOYZ) added Pierre Thomas (RB, NO)

Once considered a first-round fantasy draft selection, C.J. Spiller’s fantasy value has all but disappeared, and his fantasy owners’ miseries were compounded on Sunday afternoon as he rushed for just 19 yards on six carries and coughed up the ball late in the first half to leave him with minus-one point. What is surprising is that while Spiller isn’t owned in this particular league, he is still on a roster in 94.9 percent of ESPN leagues, and I would expect a lot more fantasy owners to be trigger happy than the stats suggest. While dropping Spiller is understandable, I’m not sure that Pierre Thomas is the right man to bring in, as it is likely he’ll be behind the returning Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson on New Orleans’ depth chart, leaving Spiller with a higher ceiling.

Thur, Oct 16

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) dropped Toby Gerhart (RB, JAC)

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) added Carson Palmer (QB, ARI)

2014 was a season so full of promise before it actually began for Jacksonville Jaguars running back Toby Gerhart, who was the consensus number one fantasy sleeper for the year. But it really hasn’t worked out for the former Viking in Jacksonville, with his highest points total coming in Week 4 against San Diego where he rushed for just 32 yards and a touchdown. To add to his performance woes, Gerhart has contracted a foot problem that has kept him out the last game, and will see him sit this week. Little surprise to see him dropped from the Team AZ Fixitmen. In his place steps in Carson Palmer, who returned to action and scored a respectable 18 points after four weeks on the sideline. He slots straight into the lineup in place of Nick Foles, who is out on a bye week.

Team Zachrich dropped Malcolm Floyd (WR, SD)

Team Zachrich added Storm Johnson (RB, JAC)

It didn’t take long for Malcolm Floyd to make his way back to being a fantasy free agent in The League, despite a healthy outlook for Week 7. But with a wide receiving corps including Dez Bryant and Julio Jones, Floyd is expendable – especially when the team’s running game needs help. With eSean McCoy on a bye week, Rashad Jennings out, and Knile Davis back behind Jamaal Charles, Storm Johnson should provide some relief in place of Toby Gerhart in the Jaguars’ offense.

Fri, Oct 17

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) dropped Adrian Peterson (RB, MIN)

Team AZ Fixitmen (FULL) added Darren Sproles (RB, PHI)

Despite the recent news that Darren Sproles has a slight MLC tear, it didn’t stop the ninth-ranked fantasy running back being a coveted pickup after he was dropped from the Dallas Cowboyz2014 roster earlier on in the week. Even though he should’ve been a Salford Bloggers player by virtue of waiver order, Team AZ Fixitmen should be able to reap the rewards of having Sproles as part of the roster, once he returns from injury. His timetable is two weeks until return, but he’ll actually only be missing one game as Philadelphia’s bye week falls in Week 7. Making his way out the exit is Adrian Peterson, who is pretty much done for the season following the domestic violence storm surrounding him.

Abergele JETS (ABJ) added Bishop Sankey (RB, TEN)

Abergele JETS (ABJ) dropped Doug Martin (RB, TB)

The third transaction of the day involved Doug Martin hitting waivers – another one in the crop of disappointing running backs drafted in the first few rounds. His replacement, Bishop Sankey, is another one of those disappointments. Although in all fairness to Sankey, he does look to be turning things around now he’s getting his chance.

Sat, Oct 18

Wigan Warriors added Jermaine Kearse (WR, SEA)

Wigan Warriors dropped Cordarrelle Patterson (WR, MIN)

Following the big news on Friday night that Percy Harvin is swapping Seattle for New York, one of the instant reactions from fantasy players will have been to pick up wither Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse – one of whom will immediately fill the void as the Seahawks’ top receiver. The Wigan Warriors’ owner opted for the latter, and brought him in to replace Minnesota WR Cordarrelle Patterson; who has done nothing noteworthy since scoring 18 points in Week 1.



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